NHL Hockey Update

April 17, 2006

Let's take a looksy at who's in and out…

Western Conference

1. Detroit 122pts

2. Dallas 111pts
3. Calgary 103pts

4. Nashville 104pts
5. San Jose 99pts
6. Anaheim 96pts
7. Colorado 95pts
8. Edmonton 93pts

The west has been decided. Vancouver was eliminated from the playoffs when Edmonton won agaisnt Anaheim and Vancouver lost to San Jose.

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Eastern Conference

1. Carolina 112
2. Ottawa 111
3. NY Rangers 100
4. Buffalo 106

5. Philadelphia 99
6. New Jersey 97
7. Montreal 93
8. Tampa Bay 92

Now the east is still open. 7 and 8 place are not clinched yet. Atlanta(9) and Toronto(10) can still make the playoffs.

Who's your favourite team? Thoughts? Id like you to post in the comments section 🙂


Sports News

April 15, 2006

NHL playoffs are coming faster then ever. With my favourite team (Edmonton Oilers) clinching the playoffs it's going to one fun May. Here there will be playoffs updates and

 more. Just check back in May for news and more.