Ever wanted some good ol' beatles music from your computer? Well now you can get it. The beatles are joining the internet music boom. They will have their music avalible through iTunes so go and get it.


A new game release in the summer is putting a twist on video games. The game called "Naughty America: The Game" has tons of features. Users cartoonish characters who can flirt and talk with other users. Also the charcters can have sex with each other.


 You can create your own apartment but there are public sex places to get busy. Also you can create your own sex area. I guess there are more of these games in the works. We'll see how this develops. Comments on this? Post away!

PS2 Price Cuts

April 15, 2006

The popular Sony PlayStation 2 may be getting even cheaper. Analysts predict prices to drop to around $149 to $129 by the end of april.


So for those who haven't got a ps2. Now would be a great time to get one!!

Happy Easter to everyone:)

Smartest Robot Pet

April 15, 2006

This Robo-Dino named Pleo is the smartest robot pet. It features 38 sensors that can detect light, motion touch and sound.


Pleo has eight processors that can handle 60 million calculations per second. It can sneeze and ever look over his back to see who's petting him. These along with thousands of other possibilities.