April 15, 2006

I recently rented and saw the movie The Chronicles of Narnia. I had read the books and wondered what the movie would be like. 

Storyline: Four children set foot in a magical wardrobe which transports them to a new magical world.


 Overall: Great movie. I loved the animals and how they made them look so real.

Review: 9/10 


Smartest Robot Pet

April 15, 2006

This Robo-Dino named Pleo is the smartest robot pet. It features 38 sensors that can detect light, motion touch and sound.

Pleo has eight processors that can handle 60 million calculations per second. It can sneeze and ever look over his back to see who's petting him. These along with thousands of other possibilities.

Sports News

April 15, 2006

NHL playoffs are coming faster then ever. With my favourite team (Edmonton Oilers) clinching the playoffs it's going to one fun May. Here there will be playoffs updates and

 more. Just check back in May for news and more.

The Benchwarmers Review

April 15, 2006

150x200.jpgWell I had to go see this movie. Even though the critics gave it terrible reviews I looked funny. Boy I was not let down. Storyline: Three guys try to make up for missed opportunities in childhood by forming a three man baseball team while competing against little league teams. Stars: Rob Schneider, David Spade and Jon Heder Overall: David Spade and Jon Heder bring in great comedy but the movie lacks in some seriousness. If you are a big fan of Napoleon Dynamite and want a funny laugh-out-loud movie then go see The Benchwarmers. If you want a romantic, action adventure movie I do not reccomend this movie.   Score: 8.5/10